Wednesday, March 18, 2009

People I Miss - Part 1

I was browsing through one of my social networking accounts and just checked out the photos I've uploaded. There are photos taken decades ago, years ago, months ago, and weeks ago. While looking at each and every photo in my albums, I realized how much I miss a lot of people...

Those who departed...

Nanay Taleng (my grandmother)... she died when I was in high school. It was summer vacation when she had a heart attack. I was her favorite grandson and she was my favorite grandmother. She cared for me so much and I know that she loved me so much as I loved her. I miss her cookings, her laughter, her mannerisms, her actions, her punishments, her concerns. I miss everything that she does. There are a lot of things I wanted to tell her, a lot of things I wanted to do for her... But, even though she's not with us anymore, I know that she's happy in heaven.

Nanay Belen (my grandmother)... she died when I was working as a Junior Test Engineer for Lakeside. She was diagnosed with colon cancer, and that took her life. I was at work when my mother called and gave the sad news. She was always there when we needed her that's why when we knew her situation, we made sure that we were also there for her. Although we knew, sooner or later, she'll be gone, it still was so hard and difficult for us to accept that we won't see her again... ever.

Auntie Glo (my grandaunt)... I don't remember when she died. I believe it was more than ten years ago. I'm not really sure if she was my aunt or my grandaunt, but you get the idea. She was never married and never had her own family. I was her favorite nephew/grandnephew. She cared for me so much and loved me like her own child. You know what I miss the most about Auntie Glo, the days when we visit her in her house and we just talk and talk and talk about anything under the sun.

Tatay Boy (my uncle)... He died last year, January of 2008. He is a very strict guy. He and his family were the only relatives we have in Bicol. He's one of my favorite uncles. He's the only person in my family who was able to make me eat vegetables. He helps our family everytime we have a problem, and he always took care of us. I remember him always asking me to go to Bicol for a vacation. He said that he would show me the Mayon Volcano. But that day will never come... cause he's gone.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Quotes To Live By

I have compiled some useful quotes that will help everyone in dealing with life. Happy reading!

"If you can't convince them, confuse them."
- Simple lang. This is most useful at work. When your boss doesn't have any idea or just have a very little background about the project you're working on, you could apply this quote. Try using super-technical, project-related words when your boss is asking for an explanation about a problem found in your project.

"He who asks for the bill, pays for the food."
- You can only use this on restaurants, obviously, and when you're with your friends. Don't even try to apply this quote when you're with your gf or crush, that's a big No-No. Don't ever ask the bill after you're group is done eating. Let someone else do that. Tapos hiritan mo ng "Ops, sa yo binigay yung bill... kaw na magbayad... libre mo na kami." Of course, this doesn't always work, especially if you're with frugal people.

"Better late than pregnant."
- This only applies for women. Let me clear that. This only applies to women having sex without any intention of getting pregnant. Much better. Of course, this quote talks about women's monthly period. You'd have this happen to you after having unprotected sex with your bf or hubby or FuBu or whoever you picked up somewhere.

"He who laughs last, is stupid."
- This quote applies to everyone. When you hear an uber funny joke, observe your friends or the people around you who also heard the same joke. Watch who laughs last. If you saw that person, don't ever seat beside him/her during exams or don't work on the same project with him/her cause he's/she's definitely stupid. Why? Damn, it took way too long for him/her to get the punchline.

"All is fair, when nobody's looking."
- You can do all the dirty tricks you know and no one's gonna judge ya. If your opponent complains, ask for proof. He/she won't be able to present one cause there ain't any witnesses to back him/her up.

"If you love her, marry her."
- Why be stupid letting her go? C'mon man. If you really love her, then marry her. Don't be a fool waiting for her to come back when she leaves. What if she doesn't? You're doing yourself a great favor by having her and avoiding pain. It's just simple arithmetic.

"Don't count the chicks, if you don't know how to count."
- Do I need to explain this further? Let someone else do the counting for you.

"If at first you don't succeed, join other contests."
- Well, it's not like you can join the same contests multiple times.

"Try and try, as long as it's free."
- This is very useful in stores, supermarkets, and other food houses. This could also be useful for other products but I'd rather use food as an example. If there are food samples in the supermarket, don't hesitate to take as much as you want. They're giving that for free, why hold yourself?

There are a lot of other quotes that you can use and apply into your daily lives. Next time, we'll talk about Filipino quotes.

Have a nice day!